MrEquipment-Birth of an Icon
Written by Colin Murray   
Saturday, 27 October 2007

Birth of an Icon

The MrEquipment story

Neat Bench Layout from Erick Brand Band Instrument Repair Manual
The inspiration: "Neat Bench Layout" from Erick Brand Band Instrument Repair Manual (1947)

MrEquipment 1991 by Jim Godsoe
Artist Jim Godsoe, on instructions to "go to town" created this for the original "Ask Mr.Equipment" column in "The Bullhorn" newsletter in 1991. Notice the nice touches like the bunny slippers, spaceman pyjamas, fuzzy dice, mace and iguana (a family pet).


The Horrophone

On the left, of course, is Mrs.Equipment, created for this website by artist Vince Chui. I was looking for a character for the shopping column, and Vince, fortunately, shares my fascination with the great cartoons of Tex Avery. The item on the right is the Horrophone, the ultimate composite brass and woodwind instrument, also put together by Vince Chui from bits of instrument parts catalogues. I wanted it to be insane, but just possibly playable. (If anyone out there feels like making one, you will be famous.)
Vince also did the artwork and layout of the MrEquipment website. I highly recommend him and please contact me if you'd like to get in touch with him.
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