Peterson has the vibe
Written by Colin Murray   
Monday, 03 March 2008

One of the coolest new things I saw at the NAMM show in January was the BodyBeat Metronomefrom Peterson Tuners. This metronome features a vibrating clip that you can attach to your body (on your clothing, people! Really...) so that you feel the beat rather than hearing it through a speaker or earphone. Although aimed primarily at drummers so they can look like they have amazing time in a live situation, it's also very useful for wind instrumentalists who play obnoxiously loud and complain they can't hear a regular metronome (like bass trombone.) It's now shipping and has a retail price of $129 US. For more information, click on the picture!

Strobosoft Virtual Strobe Tuner for Windows or MacThe other cool thing from Peterson that I've been playing with in the last few weeks is the StroboSoft virtual strobe tuner for Windows or Mac computers. Peterson has long been known for their great strobe tuners and everyone knows that to tune an instrument properly, strobe tuners are the way to go. The Strobosoft is only $49.95 as a download from Peterson's website, which is a great deal considering you'd have to pay around $200 for their least-expensive strobe tuner. They also sell a Deluxe version for $79.95, but you probably don't need it unless you play guitar. Click on the photo for more information.

If you own or have tried either of these items, why not tell everyone what you think in the Forum under "New and/or Cool" ?

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